For awhile I wasn’t sure what to write about, as we all readjust our lives due to this devastating global pandemic. And as my posts are never really that positive I decided to just write about something we all love, and the whole reason I started this blog in the first place, Water. I have so many positive and funny stories from all my adventures I have taken the past two years so I figured why not share them in hopes of bringing a smile to your faces and encourage you to look back on your own happy memories. I also would like to encourage you to share some stories in the comments below as we are all in this together. And since we are all homebound I have decided to come out with some different, fun story pieces of past travels and of growing up on Lake Michigan. Every week I’ll have a new post out to help spread a bit of positivity and fun memories. 

Staying home to self isolate has made me appreciate everything so much more. I’m incredibly grateful to live on the beach and be able to wander outside and feel the breeze from across the lake. Being able to listen to the calming sway of the water rolling up the shore and back into the big fresh underwater world has been incredible. So for those of you that are stuck in the city or inland I dedicate this to you and hope it brings some peace as you imagine my words in your mind.As our earth changes with every season so does our water. Here in Michigan we have such defined seasons, our summers are hot and dry. The lake gets warm and feels more refreshing than ever before. On calm days Lake Michigan looks like the clear ocean with its beautiful Bahama like colors. As Autumn nears the lake begins to drop in temperature and with that it gets angrier and angrier. The consistency of waves grows and our surf community comes together to find perfect fresh surf to slide on. The leaves start to change from their vibrant greens to bright orange, yellow and red. With every passing day they continue their journey and fall to the ground, covering what used to be soft green grass. The leaves decompose into the soil, fertilizing the new growth come spring time. The winters are harsh, cold and crisp. Everything slows down as the snow falls from the hovering clouds above. We continue to surf and our wetsuits get thicker as the water gets colder and colder. Icicles begin to form on the hoods of our wetsuits and any stray hair that didn’t make its way inside the suit freezes completely. When you duck dive under a wave the shock of cold water always stops me in my tracks for a moment. But in the summertime the water surrounds me, hugging every bit of my body and soul. Everything comes to a stand still as you can see for miles under the surface and let your mind wander. The chaos from above doesn’t affect my mentality as it stays clear and calm. It’s almost as if I feel like I can breathe underwater, completely weightless and relaxed.  

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  1. I remember that beautiful summer day when our friend Felix arrived. We went to Muzzy’s and paddled out on the glassy lake and Felix simply could not contain his bliss!! We were experiencing one of the most glorious summer days and it was such a sweet experience to see someone swim in Lake Michigan for the first time ever on a day like that. You took us to the ship wreck at the base of the bluff and we dove down, opening our eyes under the freshwater. I love that place and all the memories we have together there! Most of my love for water comes from my friendship with you, sweet mermaid angel.

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